‚Äč The Three Little Boys Lost in Hannibal Missouri-1967

It all started out in Hannibal Missouri back in the year of 1967. On May 9th, 1967, three boys, Joe Hoag-13, Bill Hoag-11, and Craig Dowell-14 had been cave exploring the weekend before and found a new group of openings to caves that were occasionally opening and closing in the bluff face depending on erosion.

There was new road construction going on at the time of the disappearance of the three young boys. The road that they were working on at that time is highway 79 located on the southside of Hannibal. As many of you know Hannibal is known for it's caves. The most famous cave in Hannibal is the Mark Twain Cave. The cave that the boys explored the most is Murphys Cave. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ho
From left Billy Hoag, Joey Hoag, Craig Dowell
From left Billy Hoag, Joey Hoag, Craig Dowell
ag live on 621 Fulton, and Mrs. Helen Dowell lives on 624 Union. It all started out one day after school on May ninth, nineteen sixty seven. When school got out on that day the boys headed home and were gathering up their supplies to go cave exploring. They didn't tell their parents what cave they were going to go exploring through on that night, but they usually go and explore Murphys Cave. They mentioned to their parents earlier on in the week that they found a new cave but they didn't tell them where it was located.

On May tenth a missing persons report was sent to the Hannibal Police Department. What they didn't know was that it would eventually become one of the largest underground search efforts in US history. They checked out the Riverside Cave, Lovers Leap, Mark Twain Cave, and all the other caves that are known to Hannibal. Murphys Cave had been searched over a hundred times in search for the kids, but still nothing was ever found. Lynn Strube-14 and John Janes-13 said that they seen the boys at Murphys Cave. Some said they seen them hanging around highway 79. Others said they seen them near St. Louis. When you got this many places where the kids have been spotted, you just ain't got any clue of where they could be located.

Many search crews had been sent out such as the Quincy Police Department, Hannibal Police Department, Quincy Speleological Society, University of Missouri Speleological Society, and many many more. They had searched for over a month for the boys but nothing was ever found. They found a shoe and stuff like that but they never knew if it was from the boys. The Hannibal YMCA opened it's doors to rescue workers so that they would have a place to shower and relaxation. They done their best, and their efforts helped.

They boys are still missing to this day, but they will not be forgotten.