My Daddy Told Me So

We all have those stories that our fathers tell us about. Well my dad’s story inspires me and it may inspire you as well.
In 2004, my grandpa died, I was only 6 years old. About one day after he died my dad told me a story about one of my ancestors, Clement Grote, and how he founded St. Clement. Now my dad says Clement founded St. Clement in 1871, when Ulysses S. Grant was president. Clement was among a group of German Catholics, from Hanover and Westphalia (German settlements in Missouri) about 4 miles south of Bowling Green Mo (St. Clement).
When Clement settled in st.clement. He and his partner, William Klumpe, had just bought 1000 acres of land that they farmed together in partnership. During this time Clement and Anna, his wife, bought a brick dwelling were previously slaves were sold. My daddy always told me our family was very religious. So when Clement settled here he brought his Roman Catholic religion with him. And since the first church had not yet been built, Mass was held at Clement and Anna’s brick mansion from 1871 until the first church was built.
Like my daddy told me our family is very religious. So Clement and William Klumpe deeded 10 acres of their land to Reverend Peter Richard Kendrick (the Archbishop of st. Louis). Therefore St. Clements Parrish was proudly established on 11 August 1873. Ounce the land was given it was said that, “on these premises of a forested there shall be erected a Roman Catholic Church to be known as the st. clement church. And these premises shall forever be used, only for Catholic Church and/or school purposes.”

Still today in 2010, 139 years later, my dad and I attend St.Clement church. St.Clement may not be as famous as other towns such as Hannibal is for Mark Twain, but this small town originates from a great deal of history. This is my family and I originated from. Like my daddy told me so, “you are who you are. Cherish your name and be proud of your heritage!”

Grandpa(Ansel Grote) S/O Theodore Grote
Theodore Grpte S/O Henry Lambert
Henry Lamberst first born son was CLEMENT GROTE!

Clement Grote founded St. Clement!