You might think Frankford is just a rundown one horse town but there is a man named Solomon Fisher who would have something to say about that. Frankford was founded in 1819 by a Kentucky named Solomon fisher. In 1831 farmer s flocked to town in search of homes and work. By 1883 the population of Frankford was guessed to be about 500 residents and 36 residents including a marble yard, broom factory, grocery store, dry goods shop, hardware store furniture, saddle and harness shop, hotel, attorneys, and a dentist. external image frankford.jpgexternal image 122790-T.jpg
Frankford was starting to become a stronger bid to become a town in 1819 on Solomon Fishers land. It was officially a town in 1859. The first person who wanted to increase the manufacturing industry was Fisher Petty. Fisher owned a tannery which was established in 1819. Her tannery operated out of a log cabin. Fisher Pettys business was later bought out by Colonel Adam Mase who built a two story log house that was known throughout the greater Frankford area as “The Old Tan House”. That business was later bought out by a man known only as Mr. Kidd who owned it until it closed in 1870.
In the early 1900s Mrs. J.H Lowry wrote an interesting article in the local newspaper stating that
“Today we (Frankford) have one of the most modern little towns in northeast Missouri “. Unfortunately, Frankford has not lived up to that standard and has decreased substantially in the last 70 years. It was
once a booming center of wealth and trade but is now merely a simple little town that is near the
highway that leads to the larger towns of Bowling Green, Louisiana, and New London.
Solomon Fisher was born in February 1773 in Kentucky and died on May 1841 in Frankford, Missouri. He came by keel boat to Louisiana Missouri in 1817. He was married to Mary A Petty and they had 10 children. His children’s names were George, Adam, George, William, John, Solomon Jr., Eunice, Mumillian, Parthenan, Selmer, Emmerilla. Solomon fisher was one of the first settlers in Peno Township and he owned the land which is now Frankford Township.
Solomon Fisher lived a very full life and enriched Pike County with his founding of Frankford. He started a simple Kentucky man who founded a town that many people can now be proud to call home. He was not only a visionary in the founding of Frankford but was also a very strong willed Patriot who lost his very rich life while serving in the United States armed forces.

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