POW Camps in Louisiana, Missouri

In 1816 Jhon stark and his wife jane moved to missouri from kentucky, along side with a few little settlers establishing a little nursery they started a homegrown business. little did they know that a little over a hundred years they would have prisoners of war from a foregin country living and working right here at there there bevloved orcherds

Louisiana is a small town in northeast Missouri. In the 1940’s it had a movie theater, restaurants and even Nazis. During WW2 Louisiana had a POW camp that contained German soldiers that have been captured and placed in POW camps all throughout the nation. It’s kind of strange how a small rural town contained a prisoners of war camp.

The 63 german prisoners were housed near 14th street and North Carolina, at the national youth administration facility. They had a bunkhouses and a mess hall. The prisoners were said to be good workers and were almost treated as regular citizens. There were over a total of fifteen thousand prisoners. On sundays, guards would take the
(Below, one of the
One of the many barnes the POW would get there tools
many barns the soldiers would get ther tools to work the feilds)
italin prisoners to St. Joseph catholic church,which is still standing.

They provided a big part in the Stark Bros Nurseries and other businesses and companies. They also helped small local businesses strive during the war. Some prisoners liked America’s way that after they were released they came back to the states to become citizens. Most of the convects came from lager POW camps around america. The local louisiana POW camp was a branch off of the base fort lenerwood camp.

This was just a little look of our local world war II history, I hope you have enjoyed learning some history. Remeber to look into the future you need to know the past.
(Below, the main building of the stark nurserys) stark_brothers_1.jpg

Jack D. &
Brad C.

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