Pike County Junior High School of 1924.
So they decided to build a new school that was big and had lots of fire exits in it. When the school was finished they waited till the class of 1966 graduated, then during that summer they moved all there stuff to the new high school. And the school was ready by the year 1967; new stuff has been added to the new school of “BG”. And the new school is still standing at “700 west Adams” the old school was sold and it is used as a hotel for some people. The old school is located on west Centennial Avenue. The building is very old but its is also still standing. If you really look at it, it is very small.

I talked to a person that went to that school, and she said that the parking spots could only fit a couple cars. But she said it fit over 500 kids in it. There were three floors to the school, the first floor was the gym/cafeteria, the second was class rooms and the office, the third floor was all class rooms. The office was located in the second floor, I thought it would be on the first floor because I thought just the second and third floors were just class room. In about all of the class rooms could fit over 30 students in one class room. So the class rooms were pretty big, but there was alot of students to teach.

One of the principles named Mr.K, he was one of the best principals at the old high school. Now the old high school is like a hotel, someone bought the building when the school was not using it. And now the people stay in it, but it will always be the old high school, it was the high school to who ever went there, it is going to be sad when they tear it down. When they do that people aren’t going to see there own high school when they walk, or drive by it. And that is all the info i have about the old high school.