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Project Guide

Here is a link to the handout I gave you at the beginning of the semester on how to put together an oral history project: Use this project guide to put your local history project together . . .

Examples of Local History projects --

If you want some really great examples of student created oral history collections, check these sites out!

Bland County History Archives

The Bland County History Archives "is a continuing 15 year old place-based oral history and technology project of the students of Rocky Gap High School in Rocky Gap, Virginia." This is a wonderful example of the type of historical preservation that we here at BGHS are striving for!

The Chariton Collector

During the 1980s, Kirksville Senior High School (Kirksville, MO) had a Missouri history class that produced The Chariton Collector magazine. This periodical, produced entirely by high school students, "focused on local history and folklore" of Northeastern Missouri. Growing up in Kirksville, I remember looking forward to each of the bi-annual productions! The collection is now digitized & available online, courtesy of Truman State University.

Bittersweet & OzarksWatch

Bittersweet & OzarksWatch provide even more examples of the type of local history articles that we're trying to reproduce with this BGHS Missouri History class wiki project!

Internet Resources --These are wonderful Internet resources that could possibly help you with your research!

The Missouri Folklore Society

This website is dedicated to the "collection, preservation and study of folklore in the widest sense, including customs, institutions, beliefs, signs, legends, language, literature, musical arts, and folk arts and crafts of all ethnic groups throughout the State of Missouri." Truly a valuable resource!
Honeyshuck -- Home of Champ Clark (

Pike County Missouri Genealogical Society

This is a great source for local information!

Pike County (Missouri) Historical Society

Another great source for local information!

Pike County (Missouri )Genealogy

Still yet another source for local information!

BGHS Library

The BGHS Library is a veritable treasure trove of "old school" information -- books, that is! In addition to the fairly impressive reference section that is readily available to all students (double check with Ms. Colbert & Ms. Jackson), there are several books of importance that are housed in a "Special Collections" section & can be viewed in the library -- sorry, ya can't check 'em out!
  • History of Pike County Missouri 1883
  • Pike County, Missouri: People, Places & Pikers
  • Pioneer Families of Missouri
  • The Rural Schools of Pike County Missouri: A people's history

Creative Resources -- when you're ready to put your project together

General Information

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