John B. Henderson, 1861 (

John Brooks Henderson
Author of the Thirteenth Amendment

Born in 1826 his mother and father moved to Missouri in 1832 when Henderson was only 6.Henderson was orphaned before he was ten years old when both his parents died. Hendersons parents left him a small amount of money so he could go to school.Henderson was an exelent student at the school he attended in Lincoln County Missouri. Henderson became a teacher so he could earn money to go to law school. In 1848 Henderson was admitted to the bar and began practice of law in Louisiana.

In 1847 Henderson was elected to represent Pike County in the Missouri Legislature.Henderson ran for congress but was defeated by James S. Rollins.Henderson was born and raised in the south but he opposed slavery so he became a Demacrate. The outbreake of the civil war made Henderson change his views and become a Republican and serve as a unionist. In 1861 he was elected to the missouri state convention in St.Louis and was one of the leading unionist in that body.

John Brooks Henderson was elected a member of the house of Representatives at the age 22 from 1848-1850 and 1856-1858. In 1861 he was commissioned a Brigadier General in the state militia. Henderson was appointed United States Senator on January 17,1862. Henderson was a known as a unionist to the senaters. Henderson was later elected to a full 6 year term on the senator.

In the period of 12 years Henderson served as a state court judge.Henderson was also an inspecter through the banking and road construction interests. During the civil war he played an importance part as a unions man.Henderson was credited by Thomas L. Snead as "the most conspicious opponent of succession that missouri produced". John F. Kennedy before he was presidant sayd Henderson was "courages","honorable", and had "integrity".

John Brooks Henderson was made special United States Attorney for prosecution in 1875 at whisky ring in St.Louis. In 1877, John B. Henderson was appointed commissioner to treat hostile indian tribes.In 1888 Henderson moved to washington D.C. where he lived until his death in 1913 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery,Brooklyn,N.Y.

People in missouri should care about John Brooks Henderson because he played a major role in forming the government we know today.Henderson was the co-author of the 13th Amendment, which abolished and prohibites slavery in the U.S.

John B. Henderson's Graveston 1913 e