Champ Clark

Statute of Champ Clark, downtown Bowling Green, MO --

Camp Clark was an American Politian and Speaker of the House of Representatives. He lived in Bowling Green Missouri most of his life. There is a statue of him on the court house square in Bowling Green. Champ Clark was a very important person to Pike County and his nation here is a little about him.

James Beauchamp Clark was born on March 7, 1850 and died March 2, 1921. During his life he was an American politician and part of the Democratic Party. He served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1911-1919, and ran for U.S. president in 1912 but was lost to Woodrow Wilson. He was born in Lawrenceburg Kentucky and moved to Missouri in 1875 and opened a law practice the following year.

The statue of Champ Clark is on the south side of the court house square in Bowling Green Missouri. The main part of the statue which is the actual figure of Champ Clark is made of solid bronze. It sits upon a polished red granite pedestal. The statue was erected by the State of Missouri in 1921. Every year there is a heritage festival in honor of Champ Clark held in the court house square. The statue was built by Fredrick C. Hibbard and cost $25,000 to construct. You can visit his home in Bowling Green called the Honey Shuck.

Article from Time Magazine August 17, 1925. The Missouri State legislature spent 25,000 dollars to erect a statue of Champ Clark on court house square in Bowling
Champ Clark statue plaque --
Green. Why $25,000 of the states money should be spent on Bowling Green I don’t know, in my opinion I think the state should take back the money because it was not needed for this.

As you see Champ Clark is extremely important to Bowling Green and this country as well. The statue is a large part of his memorial. I encourage you to visit this statue as well as his home, Honey Shuck. I hope this has interested you in Champ Clark and you have learned a lot.


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