The Amish of Pike County, Missouri

The Amish in Pike County are a quiet type of people, but most Amish usually are. They live a life of older times. They are really just prohibited to modernize like most other people. There relgion plays a big role in this. They each have or can have many children. This is typical in the Amish community. They speak two different languages. They speak English and a German Dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Amish started settleing in Pike County Around 1940. Families are coming and going out of the community now because of over population. About 1970 there were 150 differnt families in Pike County. There community is set up in between Bowling Green and Curryville, MO. So it’s really not a horrific sight to see a horse and buggie going down the road. There are 5 Amish schools in the community. The Children speak The German dialect until they start school. Then they start learning English.

The Amish are only allowed to use certain things because of their religion. They can not use electricity, plumbing, rubber wheels, or more modern stuff. They have
Horse and Buggie--
Horse and Buggie--
outhouses for the bathroom, candles for light, wooden wheels for the buggies. They can live without modern stuff. and yet I have never heard one of them complain about the way they live. They have wood stoves to keep them warm. Also they have wood cook stoves to make there food. I have seen alot of the Amish use small engines to pump water and put on a meat grinder.

Sunday is a very special day for the Amish of Pike County. The church service is held at the people’s home. There are no buildings to hold it in. The church service is held at a different persons house every time. It is circulated around. The church would only occur at one house once a year. The Amish also have a hired girl. She pretty much does alot of the chores. When there is a newborn she will aslo take care of it so that the mother can get sleep or do things. They only have these when needed. All of the money that she makes will go to here family to help them out.

The Amish children do things much like everyone else. They do there chores and then get to play. They play softball, go fishing, hunting, and iceskating. Toys on rubber wheels are prohibited though. The older women and sometimes younger quilt alot as a hobby. The men are usually out in the fields working or around the house doing chores.

Amish House--
Amish House--

Alot of the Amish are coming and going. There could be alot of reasons for this. They are a "mobile" type of people. Some say that they move to modernize. Some also say they move to stop the intermarrying of the same family members.

All in all the Amish are a quiet type of people. They stay to themselves and in the community. They handle there own relations in the community also. You can see them in Pike County around Bowling Green and Curryville on a daily bases. I'm almost sure that they get out more now then they used to.

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