Dueling in the 19th century were over trash talking.The duels were manily over honor not to kill the person.They fought by the code duello which were like 26 rules to follow by.

Duels in the 1800s were very violent. Most people got killed during the duels. It was the best way to settel an argument. People would hang up posters saying someone was a chicken or something like that. And they'd keep that up until they agreed to fight.

Dueling in the 1800s

In the early 1880s, genttlemen who felt they had been offended or insultedresorted to issuing a challange to a duel. And the results could be gun fire in a rather formal setting. The objective of a duel was not to nesessarily to kill or even wound one's opponent. Duel were all about honor and demonstrating one's bravery.

Dueling Cartoon                    http://austenacious.com/?p=361
Dueling Cartoon http://austenacious.com/?p=361

Dueling Cartoon http://austenacious.com/?p=361

In 1777, delegates from the west of Ireland met at Clonmel and came up with the Code Duello, a dueling code witch became standard in Ireland and in Britian.

Many duelist would merely try to strike a non-fatal wound, by, for instance, shooting at their opponents hip. Yet the flintlock pistols of the day were not terribly accurate. So any duel was bound to be fraught with danger.

It should be noted that dueling was almost illegal, yet fairly prominent members of society partisipated in duels both in Europe and in America.

The famous duel in 1804
Burr-Hamilton Duel (http://schillerinstitute.org/lar_related/2010/lyn_question_before_us.html
Burr-Hamilton Duel (http://schillerinstitute.org/lar_related/2010/lyn_question_before_us.html

Burr-Hamilton Duel (http://schillerinstitute.org/lar_related/2010/lyn_question_before_us.html

Date: July 11, 1804
The duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamaltin was undouptedly the most famous. Both men fired thier pisotles, and Burr's shot stuck Hamaltin in the torso. Severly wounded, Hamaltin was carried off by his companions back to monhattan, where he died the next day. Alexander Hamaltin was the most famous victom of dueling in America.

Pike County Duels
The first duel within the boundries of this great state was between 2 young millitary officers, one of the French, and the other of the English army, in the year 1765. It was at the time the British troops came to take possession of Fort Chartres, and a woman was the cause of it. The affair occured earliy Sunday morning, near the old fort. They fought with swords, and in the combat one sacrificed his life.

Mann's Tavern, in Bowling Green, was the scene of an historic incident witch merits place in the history of Missouri duels.